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The Aussie team at 1800 AUS JUNK are focused on minimising the rubbish and waste that goes to landfill and tipping stations.

So much of what is disposed of can be recycled and reused, and a large number of items collected by 1800 AUS JUNK isn’t rubbish at all and can be re-purposed and re-used.

Since day one we have built a company and a team who are recognised for their environmentally conscious approach to waste management.

1800 AUS JUNK is also passionate about supporting the local community which can only be achieved if a reliable, trustworthy service is delivered each and every time.

Our Pricing



Price is based on volume, so we need to see your rubbish in person to give you an exact price. Our friendly team will come out and check out your rubbish and let you know the price for free. There is no obligation on your part to go ahead.

Rubbish removal prices can vary due to disposal fees, fuel prices and other locational factors.



We load up and clean up- just tell us what you want gone and we will do the work for you.

Our truck rocks up with a couple of hard working Aussies who are friendly, fully licensed and insured.

All disposal and environmental fees.

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At 1800 AUS JUNK were True blue mate! We’re Dinky di.

At 1800 AUS JUNK it’s our mission to deliver the best experience for our customers. Being friendly, honest and reliable is our way of doing business. It’s our goal to make a difference and bring the best of what it is to be Australian to everything we do.

At 1800 AUS JUNK we believe in providing a true blue and no worries approach to rubbish removal. Our mission is to make the process as sweet as for our clients. It’ll start with a G’Day we’re ready to help with a team of little rippers ready to tackle any job, big or small. She’ll be apples mate, when it comes to getting the job done right and we’re fair dinkum.


“My Mum used to always say, – “Waste not, want not”, but when you do call us to handle the rest”.

“We love helping people to declutter their spaces and freeing them up to get on with their lives”.


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Servicing Melbourne and Victoria